Voltec 12 Gauge U-Ground Extension Cord 50'

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Introducing the Voltec 12 Gauge U-Ground Extension Cord, your ultimate power solution for extending electrical reach over 50 feet. Designed with durability and safety in mind, this heavy-duty extension cord is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its robust 12 gauge wiring ensures efficient power delivery, making it ideal for powering workshops, construction sites, and outdoor events.

Voltec 12 Gauge U-Ground Extension Cord 50' is available to buy in increments of 1
Heavy-Duty Construction: The 12 gauge wire is thick and durable, capable of handling high-power tools and equipment, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions. 50-Foot Length: Provides ample length to extend power to hard-to-reach areas, enhancing flexibility and convenience in your workspace or outdoor setting. U-Ground Plug: Features a universal grounded plug for safe and secure connection, compatible with a wide range of devices and appliances. Versatile Use: Equally suited for professional, home, and outdoor applications, this extension cord is a versatile addition to your equipment, ensuring you're always connected where you need it most. The Voltec 12 Gauge U-Ground Extension Cord is a practical and reliable choice for anyone needing extra reach without sacrificing power or safety. Whether you're powering heavy machinery on a job site or lighting up your backyard gathering, this extension cord delivers consistent, dependable power.
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Height (in) 1.4375
Width (in) 14.75
Length (in) 15.75
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