Vaportek 3X Industrial Cartridge

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The 3X Industrial cartridge is an industrial-strength formulation for difficult organic odors. These cartridges are designed to be used with the Restorator air treatment system. The powerful formula permanently neutralizes organic odors quickly and safely Additional features: -No evacuation of people, pets, or plants required during treatment - Ideal for all types of organic odors - Does not create ozone and is not recommended for use with ozone-generating equipment This replacement 3X Industrial Cartridge is designed for use in your Vaportek Restorator. It is effective in treating all kinds of odors. Vaportek products have proven exceptionally useful in fire/flood restoration projects. The Vaportek compound effectively neutralizes impregnated smoke odor and, unlike ozone generators, does not harm fibrous materials. Additionally, buildings with smoke contamination may be occupied while the Vaportek system is in use. Vaportek’s compound is an odor neutralizer (not a masking agent). It modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odors to a point of odor disappearance. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odor may be far less intense than that of separate components and not be perceptible. This is the principle behind odor modification or neutralization, and the basis for Vaportek’s odor-neutralizing products.
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Height (in) 4.25
Width (in) 5.5
Length (in) 4.25
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