Oil-Dri QuickSorb Absorbent

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Made from the same high-quality material as our best selling OIL-DRI absorbent, OIL-DRI QuickSorb has been specially processed for greater absorption power. Smaller granules offer more surface area and allow OIL-DRI QuickSorb to absorb up to twice as much liquid per pound as conventional floor absorbents, so you can use half as much! Use to absorb oils, coolants, grease, water and other liquid spills. Do not use with turpentine, hydrochloric acid or vegetable oil. OID-DRI products must be disposed of in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Since various fluids absorbed may be of toxic or hazardous nature, OIL-DRI does not recommend disposal procedures.
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Height (in) 5.57
Width (in) 24
Length (in) 16.5
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