FLIR E6 Infrared Camera 160x120 IR Resolution

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This focus-free FLIR E6 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 160 x 120 IR Resolution and MSX can quickly and easily detect minor temperature variations. The non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic tool can scan entire electrical systems and hard-to-reach spots to help you detect hot spots, avoid electrical failures, locate HVAC balancing problems and more. For building applications you can find compromised roofing areas, locate hidden water damage, discover missing insulation, and other issues that waste energy and money. Features 160 x 120 IR resolution and <0.06deg C sensitivity. Battery Charging Time (hrs.): 2 1/2 hrs. @ 90% capacity camera; 2 hrs. external charger, Charger Included: Power supply/charger, Battery Required: Yes, Battery Type: Rechargeable, Temperature Range ( deg F): -4-482, Resolution: 160 x 120, Battery Included: Yes, LCD Display: Yes, 3 in., Battery Life: 4 hrs., Case Included: Yes
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