Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter BD-2100/CS

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The first meter on the market to measure %MC in Drywall using a calibrated scale, the BD-2100 moisture meter is perfect for any building inspection or restoration job. The BD-2100 also features a wood scale and a numerical reference scale for measuring relative humidity in other non-wood materials. Features: Digital readout. Three scales: Wood Scale - 6% to 40% moisture range. Reference Scale reads from of 0 to 100 on a relative basis. Drywall Scale - 0.1%-50% moisture range. Averages up to 100 accumulated readings. Set-point alerts you to when a pre-selected MC is reached. BD-2100 with case - use this copy: With Case: Includes meter, carrying case, and extra contact pins
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Height (in) 8.5
Width (in) 3.25
Length (in) 13.2
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