Working in atmospheres likely to contain dangerous particulates requires reliable constant air monitoring. Meeting OSHA and AHERA standards, Allegro Industries has a complete line of mold Sampling Pumps. This broad selection delivers dependable area monitoring of mold, lead, asbestos and other dangerous particulates.

Sampling Pumps by AllegroThe unique Allegro Venturi Sampling Pump is air driven and requires only 40 PSI to draw samples. This low cost, quiet and lightweight alternative is excellent for all types of sampling and the perfect choice when there is no electrical power within the containment area.

The most powerful sampler on the market today is the Allegro Dual Sampler. This low-maintenance rotary vane sampler has an extensive range making it the perfect choice for drawing dual samples in a mold environment. It comes with a stand and two adapters to hold the Air-O-Cell cassette and to mount an Impactor. Two adjustable flow meters, built-in switch cord, stand, handle and exhaust muffler are all standard features.

The T100 Rotary Vane and the A100 Rotary Vane offer a sampling range of 3-20 LPM. The T100M is the upgraded version incorporating all the features of the T100 with the addition of a built-in adjustable 5-50 LPM flow meter. The T100M will also work with Impactors.

The Diaphragm Sampling Pump uses a pulsating diaphragm to sample air quality. The quiet operation makes this excellent for indoor testing. The adjustable regulator provides a locked-in operating range of 3-15 LPM. The adjustable aluminum tripod, six feet of vinyl tubing, inline filters, muffler jar, handle and switch cord are all standard.

The DC Sampling Pump is DC powered and is a self-contained programmable unit designed specifically to run Air-O-Cel (mold) cassettes. Compact, lightweight with 5 hours of continuous operation.

2nd October, 2009   Inline

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