Special Pricing! Air Movers In Stock and Ready To Ship

Air Movers & Carpet Blowers In Stock and Ready To Ship. Hurricane Seaons will take its toll on structures across the country, so make sure your ready to handle all of the jobs and work that is coming.

We are fully stocked with all of the top brands of powerful, efficient and durable Air Movers, Carpet Dryers, Blowers, Fans, Ducting, Dehumidifiers, Water Extractors and everything else for your Restoration needs.

We have special pricing on all major brands of air movers, blowers and carpet dryers, so call us today find the right product at the right price for you!

Air Movers

We carry only the best brands for you to choose from.

Viking  •  DRI-EAZ  •  Phoenix  •  B-Air

To Contact your local distribution center:

Los Angeles • (818) 768-3333
San Francisco • (510) 475-8672
Denver • (303) 623-1863
Seattle • (425) 207-0822
Houston • (713) 895-7194
Orlando • (863) 420-7400
New Jersey • (973) 782-4768
Detroit • (734) 261-1137

30th June, 2014   Inline

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Great Service, excellent quality!

Aaron Broder

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