Port of Seattle outlines environmental budget

The Port of Seattle Commission has approved $15 million for environmental remediation and congestion relief projects in 2011, according to a company press release.

At its last meeting for the year, the Commission has approved the funding as part of a five-year environmental programme costing nearly $68 million.

The board have also approved a $5 million investment in the South Park Bridge replacement, and finalised an agreement with Puget Sound Energy for easements along the Eastside Rail Corridor.

The funding will action spending on several environmental remediation projects across port facilities. Much of the funding is planned to go towards the cleanup of the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund site.

The port, along with several partners, will be working with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington Department of Ecology to develop a remediation plan for port facilities, including Terminal 117 sediments, bank and uplands, cleaning up contamination at Terminal 115 from former operations, and several other complementary projects throughout the Lower Duwamish area.

The commission has authorised CEO Tay Yoshitani to execute an agreement that will see $5 million being invested in the South Park Bridge replacement.  This investment is in addition to the $8 million in (Freight Action Strategy) FAST Corridor investments also included in the 2011 budget.

“The South Park Bridge is a vital connector to the Duwamish industrial area, and to the communities that are our neighbors,” said Commission Vice President Gael Tarleton.

As planned, Puget Sound Energy is purchasing easements along the Eastside Rail Corridor for just over $13 million.

The port has invested $1.2 million in the At-Berth Clean (ABC) Fuels programme that has already reduced over 357 tonnes of sulphur dioxide emissions from ocean-going vessels.

The Clean Air Truck Programme-which provides $5000 or blue book value (whichever is greater) to truck owners scrapping their trucks- has received $1.5 million in funding

At the announcement of of the proposed environmental budget, Commission President Bill Bryant said; “We authorised a budget that reflects the priorities of generating jobs and protecting the environment.”

“Today’s actions show that we are prepared to hit the ground running in 2011,” he added.

10th December, 2010   Inline

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