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Nearly 100% of all structures built before 1940 are contaminated with some form of lead based paint. According to SSI Services (they specialize in in industrial cleaning, mechanical insulation and fireproofing, interior demolition, mold and lead abatement, and firestop services),even though lead based paint usage was banned in residential structures in 1978, as many as 20% of residential structures built between 1959 and 1974 will still contain some layers of lead paint. Because the use of lead paint in commercial structures has never been banned, the likelihood of finding lead paint hazards in commercial properties increases substantially.

Lead-Based Paint Hazards are places where children can easily get exposed to lead where they live or play.
A Dust Lead Hazard is somewhere lead has chipped or flaked off and has contaminated household dust, such as in corners, or in the troughs of windows.
Soil Lead Hazards are places where bare soil is contaminated with lead from chipping paint, or from the use of lead in gasoline.
A Paint Lead Hazard is where paint is chipping, flaking, or peeling off of the surface it once covered

The dangers of lead-based paint contamination become prevalent as it ages. As lead-based paint becomes older, it begins to chip, crack and flake. Through wear, many of these chips and flakes become powdered into dust. This dust settles and is then picked up on the hands and transferred to the mouth when eating, or becomes airborne and is inhaled directly into the lungs, either way causing lead poisoning. Lead remediation is essential in these conditions.

Many companies provide new, safe and healthy techniques for lead removal and abatement. Look for one that pays close attention to all safety and environmental considerations and governmental regulations in the remediation of lead.

25th January, 2010   Inline

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