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Ozone Generators and Interior Mold Remediation: A Recipe for Disaster

By Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP As an instructor for mold remediation and indoor air quality investigation classes I am frequently asked about the effectiveness and appropriateness of using ozone generators during mold remediation. Many students are coming from the fire restoration industry where ozone generators are often used to remove smoke orders from contents. For other students the questions about the effectiveness of ozone for mold work are prompted by equipment vendors who indicate that ozone generating machines are Read more ⇒

Lack of Fall Protection

June 25, 2014 by  
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Lack of Fall Protection Measures Place Workers at Increased Risk. Managers are responsible for their workers’ safety. In this case, the superintendent had not received any safety specific supervisory training or OSHA 10/30 hour training. Supervisors need additional safety training not only in how to identify hazards, but in the proper abatement of those hazards as well. In addition, supervisors need training in how to manage workers when unsafe behaviors happen. Companies need to establish a policy on under age Read more ⇒

OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign

June 25, 2014 by  
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FALLS ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN CONSTRUCTION. In 2010, there were 264 fall fatalities (255 falls to lower level) out of 774 total fatalities in construction. These deaths are preventable. Falls can be prevented and lives can be saved through three simple steps: Plan Provide Train This website is part of OSHA’s nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness among workers and employers about the hazards of falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs. The educational resources page gives workers Read more ⇒

Inline Safety Products Catalog 2013-2014

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Cal/OSHA Construction Crackdown Happening Now

June 6, 2014 by  
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Cal/OSHA is announcing that it is deploying investigators to construction sites throughout the state “to determine whether adequate measures have been taken to identify safety hazards and prevent injury.” Expect aggressive enforcement. Investigators will be specifically checking safety railings, personal fall protection devices and equipment, and tie-offs. Cal/OSHA also will be looking for trench hazards, equipment safety and proximity to power lines. Cal/OSHA reminds employers that if it finds a lack of fall protection or serious hazards, it can issue Read more ⇒

FL Hurricane Preparedness Tax

May 28, 2014 by  
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2014 Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday May 31 through June 8, 2014 The holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, May 31, 2014, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 8, 2014. During this holiday period, qualifying items related to hurricane preparedness are exempt from sales tax. This holiday does not apply to sales in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment, or airport, or to the rental or repair of any of these items. Notice to Businesses Read more ⇒

Clean Air

May 27, 2014 by  
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All contractors need to be aware of the increased importance of dust suppression in the work place. Not only is it  becoming an important discussion in the construction industry because of stricter regulations, but it also has benefits that go beyond health and safety. In recent years, the concrete industry has seen an increased emphasis on concrete dust suppression and containment, both for worker safety and job-site cleanliness. OSHA’s current National Emphasis Program on Crystalline Silica (in effect since Jan. Read more ⇒


Boston-Area Landlord to Provide Tenants $23,000 in Relief Over Claims of Discrimination and Violation of Lead Paint Laws

Settlement Includes Deleading of Apartment; Disclosure of Inspection Reports BOSTON – A Boston-area landlord has agreed to provide $23,000 in relief to two tenants, delead an apartment unit in Roslindale, and provide inspection reports to resolve allegations of discrimination against families with children and violations of state lead paint laws, Attorney General Coakley announced today. According to the assurance of discontinuance, filed Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court, Dimitrios Deligiannides, Hariclia Deligiannides, and Hariton Deligiannides, allegedly refused to renew the leases Read more ⇒

The Benefits of Air Scrubbing

May 12, 2014 by  
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Air filtration devices, or AFDs, with HEPA filtration are increasingly important in restoration. Their value is particularly critical on jobs that involve high levels of particulates, including most restoration sites plus construction or remodeling environments. Putting an AFD to work immediately also has another benefit: impressed customers. One restorer told us that he places a HEPA airscrubber as soon as possible when he first meets the customer. “There is a noticeable difference in the smell after running it for five Read more ⇒


Did you know? When it comes to a fire loss, there are three general categories of fire related soot residues. Protein residues: Typically result from kitchen fires involving burned meats or poultry, spoiled food, etc. The texture is greasy and sticks to most surfaces and also has an intense odor. The residue color is typically between yellow and brown. Natural residues: Typically odor and residue that comes from burned paper or wood. Residue is grey to black in color and Read more ⇒

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