Wonder Makers specializes in dealing with situations associated with the indoor environment. Although that is a narrow slice of the entire environmental movement, it is still a broad and exciting area that encompasses challenges such as mold, infectious agents, lead dust hazards, and asbestos building materials. The potential dangers of mold have received substantial publicity over the last decade, with more yet to come as an ever-growing a stack of reports links exposure to fungal agents to significant health problems.

The H1N1 pandemic a few years ago forced people to focus on controlling the transmission of infections, and that emphasis has continued, particularly in the health care arena. The 2010 lead paint regulations designated as the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rules created quite an industry stir and the aggressive, but uneven, enforcement efforts by the EPA are keeping contractors and building owners aware
of that particular indoor hazard.

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22nd April, 2014   Inline

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